&breathe mockup.png


album art for UC San Diego

a capella group, Daughters of Triton

Daughters of Triton (DOTs) were referred to me by a friend and we decided to collaborate on the cover art for their 2021 album titled "& breathe" or "and breathe". Words to describe the new EP and spark my imagination before sketching were: empowerment, friendship, love, sisterhood, strength, power, progress, peace, and more.

WIth this sentiment and the groups' ideas for their album art direction, I created a few sketches showing the ampersand as the focal point of the work with smaller elements of sea life, mermaids, and light.

The final product consists of an ampersand rendered in Blender to showcase a 3D pearl texture with coral and fish interweaving its curves. I am happy to have been a part of this amazing collaboration.

Programs: Procreate + Blender + Photoshop