ArtPower Female Artists



social media campaign celebrating women

in the arts

In honor of Women's History Month, I planned and executed a social media campaign on behalf of ArtPower at UC San Diego, highlighting trailblazers in the performing arts. This campaign includes weekly posts during March discussing different topics. The first post that was posted showcases several past ArtPower female artists including Dayme Arocena, Gingee, Samin Nosrat, Rosie Kay, and Liz Vice. Research was done by digging through the ArtPower artist archives to learn more about the women who have performed on our stages. Then, I worked on the branding for the campaign by developing an internal style guide consisting of fonts, colors, image treatment, and overall look and feel. Later posts were split up between me and the other assistants at ArtPower following this style. Very excited to see how the rest of the campaign goes! 

Program: Photoshop. Will be completed by the end of March.

Image shown was posted on March 1st, 2021.