graphic/spread design to share guiding principles to placemaking at the Civic Center 

To end my internship at SF Planning, this graphic was one of the last things I ever made and one of my proudest designs. The spread is on pages 8-9 of Chapter 3 of the Civic Center Public Realm Plan and consists of tinted cutouts of people in the San Francisco Civic Center juxtaposed on vector illustrations in bright navy blue, muted gold, and almost-black color. For context, the Civic Center is a group of government buildings, arts institutions, and performing arts venues with the spaces in between serving as community open space. The goal was to highlight the 7 public space principles that were created with help from stakeholders during the development of the Civic Center Public Realm Plan. For the creative process, I conducted research on the area and learned about ways the public used the space and combed for pictures of this activity in order to show how flexible and meaningful the space is for the community. I took inspiration from Gehl Studio for the look and feel of the graphic. After many revisions, this was my latest draft of Public Realm Principles. Completed Summer 2020.

Chapter 3 Civic Center Vision-2020-edit.

Public Realm Principles | Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign