social media campaign on @artpoweratucsd 

To wrap up the school year (2019-2020 academic year), I developed an Instagram Stories series to recall our favorite ArtPower tunes from this past season. Each staff was tasked to select a song and create a graphic for it and explain why it was their SOTY. Instagram Highlight and post created links to a Spotify Playlist of all the songs. My SOTY was "Slowly" by The Haden Triplets. I created this graphic by layering different elements to give it a smooth collage feel. I then used a text PSD I found online that was retro, but still fun for a title. After, I did some simple line sketches on top of the image to finalize it. Additional text was overlaid when posted on IG stories. Programs: Clip Studio Paint + Photoshop. Completed Spring 2020.