visual for Wonstein's "Infrared Camera"

As a big fan of K-hip-hop, I loved Wonstein's (up and coming rapper and vocalist) song "Infrared Camera", which he performed during the semifinals for Korean rap survival show/competition "Show Me The Money". In honor of my obsession for that song, I created a graphic to highlight the song's ethereal, hype, chill, and almost lo-fi audio experience. To do so, I incorporated symbols, various blend modes, mix of typography, and distorted (by filter) shapes into my composition. To animate the visual, I applied some readymade transitions from AfterEffects to encapsulate the mood of the song, such as the wave effect, even more shape distortion, and the roving spotlight. Programs: Photoshop + After Effects + Premiere Rush. Completed in January 2021.

Wonstein's Infrared Camera